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Things to Know About Ceme for Beginners

Ceme is essentially like a 99-domino game – the key difference is in ceme, it is only played with two cards. It is time to learn it so you will understand the reason why it became a popular Indonesian game. In this game, 28 domino cards are used, which will show a different number of round dots or spheres.

Here are the things to know about domino ceme for beginners:


You will hear players losing or failing but it is part of the game. You need to push through if you want to become a good player. You can master ceme at the same time earn money. To that end, you have to know the gameplay.

In ceme, two to eight players can participate but there should be one player that will act as a dealer. Keep in mind that without a dealer, the game cannot be played. The players have opportunities to get 2 cards. As soon as you receive the card, you can take a peak to determine its strength.

After some time, you need to show your card to everyone. The player with the highest point will be announced the winner. The twist in this game is the calculation of the hand strength.

Hand strength

As a beginner, you have to be familiar with hand strength or card strength. This is important so you will know what to expect. Basically, each domino card is understandable. You need to add the dots on both of the cards so you can get the total value.

The value of the hand strength is between 0 (which is considered the weakest) and 9 (which is the strongest). As mentioned earlier, there is a twist. If your total value is more than 9, the existing value is deducted from 10. If your total value is more than 19, the existing value is deducted from 20.


The winner will be determined based on the following condition:

  • If your value is more than the dealer: if you have a total value of 7 but the dealer has

4, you are the winner. The banker needs to immediately pay the bet amount.

  • If dealer value is more than yours: if the dealer has a total value of 7 but you have 4, the dealer is the winner. This means that you lose the bet amount to the banker.
  • If there is draw the banker wins: in case of a draw, the banker will be declared the winner. This happens when you and the dealer got a total value of 9.
  • If you hold a total value of 9: if you hold a total card value of 9 and the dealer has less, it is imperative that the dealer pays you to double your wagered amount.
  • If the dealer holds a total value of 9: if the dealer holds a total value of 9 and you have less, it means that you lose the bet amount. The dealer will be declared the winner.

If you want to play conveniently, you can always consider domino ceme online. The game will surely challenge your mental state but with practice and the right inclination, you will surely win.